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Mathias Wittwer Freelance Videography, Zurich, Switzerland. "Documenting my life with some fancy cameras" I was about 13 years old when i got in touch with filming for the first time. As a young skateboarder i wanted to make skate videos like the pros. A few years later, the GoPro cameras came up and i started to film my friends riding their snowboards. I also captured my very first music video with an actioncamera. Fortunatly, i started to see progression in my work pretty fast. This is what kept me going and willing to learn more about video untill today. Right now, i'm working part time as a freelance videographer. I also try to realize alot of personal projects, which i only do for the love of filming, my friends, family and myself. Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe Photoshop CC
Final Cut Pro 7 Equipment: Canon XF100
Canon 7D
Canon G10
Digital Harinezumi 4.0
Sachtler Tripod
Walimex Videolight
Zoom H4n Audiorecorder
Rode NTG 1 Shotgun Mic I'm always searching for new projects, jobs or ideas. Don't hesitate to contact me.

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